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Strategy, Concepts & Writing

Call if your team or project needs a boost of fresh kid thinking, an insightful presentation, or a team of kid experts to carry an idea through to completion.

Brainstorms, Speeches & Workshops

Stimulation combined with deep and creative listening helps teams unlock new thinking. Fahey has led workshops on family, shopper and music marketing all over the world.

Music & Artists

Kids and families influence each others’ music like never before. Cool uncles pass down mobile phones containing music collections. Tap in with promotions, original content and festivals. Create a memorable, flexible musical signature for your brand.

The Idea Haven

It's about youth. It's about music. It's about branding.

It's the only place to find serious discipline of audio design combined with playful world of kid engagement.


And the winner is… Baby’s Giggle

What sounds are the most stimulating? Surprise results from a brain-wave study on sounds. I’m sure the top result won’t change. You may be interested to see that some of the other sounds are comparatively new. From “The Ten Most Addictive Sounds in the World” By Martin Lindstrom Fast Company Feb. 22, 2010 Non-branded and [...]

Teddy Bears Dubstep

Dubstep came to the US later than it did to Europe so I haven’t seen any US kid marketers use it yet.  But this energetic Wheetabix commercial makes it irresistible.  Hats off to Wheetabix for capturing the half-little kid/half-budding teen world of tweens.Wheetabix Dubstep

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