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And the winner is… Baby’s Giggle

What sounds are the most stimulating?

Surprise results from a brain-wave study on sounds. I’m sure the top result won’t change. You may be interested to see that some of the other sounds are comparatively new.

From “The Ten Most Addictive Sounds in the World”
By Martin Lindstrom
Fast Company Feb. 22, 2010

Non-branded and branded sounds:

1. Baby giggle
2. Intel
3. Vibrating phone
4. ATM / cash register
5. National Geographic
6. MTV
7. T-Mobile Ringtone
8. McDonald’s
9. ‘Star Spangled Banner’
10. State Farm

Top 10 Non-branded sounds:

1. Baby giggle
2. Vibrating phone
3. ATM / cash register
4. “Star Spangled Banner”
5. Sizzling steak
6. ‘Hail to the Chief’
7. Cigarette light and inhale
8. “Wedding March”
9. “Wish Upon a Star”
10. Late Night with David Letterman Theme

Method: Buyology Inc. and Elias Arts, a sound identity company in New York, wired up 50 volunteers and measured their galvanic, pupil, and brainwave responses to sounds using the neuroscience-based research methods.

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Teddy Bears Dubstep

Dubstep came to the US later than it did to Europe so I haven’t seen any US kid marketers use it yet.  But this energetic Wheetabix commercial makes it irresistible.  Hats off to Wheetabix for capturing the half-little kid/half-budding teen world of tweens.Wheetabix Dubstep

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Kids getting social

When your 9-13 year old asks to put up a Facebook page, you need to know about Everloop. It’s a safe, kid-only community that lets kids be free but lets parents guide the social tools they can use. Everloop also gently guides kids toward safe online behavior and away from bullying. But it’s not sanctimonious, it’s playfully mischievous. Right now, kids can listen to their Zombie Radio (featuring Monster Mash and more ghoulish tunes). And prank each other with Gooblins.

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Pull-Ups Potty Dance

Power to the toddler! This little video intended to help parents potty train their little ones has had a viral life of its own. VerveLife didn’t create the idea or the video. We did recommend and license the talent, Ralph of Ralph’s World, AKA “the Paul McCartney of the under-4 set.” Though this artist may not be knighted, there are many parents who think he deserves it.

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"Music is Our Language"

Thus sayeth, Aimee. One example she used are the playlists they make for each other to support or console or encourage or commemorate their lives’s events.

Rachel said almost the same thing while searching though our latest promotion. This one opens dialog between parents and students through (and about) music. Families choose playlists to help accomplish after-school goals: “Focus” “Create” etc. The music library includes tunes for both generations. Squeaky clean but crazy cool

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Since back-to-school season, Go-GURT has been running a digital music download promotion. Kids get codes and can download all kinds of tween faves: Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Jesse McCartney (all have been in the top 5) but “Hey there, Delilah” ranks number one, week after week. That’s by a band from Lombard called the Plain White T’s. It’s not even new. What’s your theory?

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Ohio high schoolers not far from Kent State, when asked to come up with non-verbal symbols, quickly imagined peace signs. When they had to draw the signs, the girls were able to. They wear them on clothes and accessories. The boys tended to draw Mercedes logos.
Carole, their teacher, recommended that they imagine them as dove tracks.

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East Asians read emotions from the eye region, westerners tend to scan the whole face.

No wonder that emoticons have their own language. Check out how the mouth tells the whole story in the west. In the east it’s a straight line.

West/East differences in Emoticons

Happy…. :-) ….(^_^)
Sad……..:-(….(;_;) or (T_T)

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What makes a PSP more “like me” for girls? Not just the lilac color but the apoplexy-worthy artists that add fun to the games. Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens–all via free downloads when you enter codes. It launched Monday.

VerveLife provided the artists, the microsite and music delivery system. Don’t know who added the “z.”

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Mary Mazzio has created a film on teen entrepreneurship, bless her. With few jobs for teens, it’s more important than ever. And they’re full of ideas like cake-on-a-stick and they’re shooting for the moon. Even the trailer will make you choke up. It’s called “ten9eight”

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