The Girl Next Door: The Story Of Natalie And Tom

Natalie moved in to a house that was on a quiet street. She began exploring the neighborhood as soon as she moved in; she was a girl who had developed a taste for boys that she could have sexual experiences with. She was out on the prowl in her new neighborhood and wanted to meet these boys!

One day she decided to meet her neighbors; she crossed the street and knocked on the door. It turned out that a family lived there and had a teenage son, who was a couple of years younger than Natalie. The boy was named Tom and Natalie instantly fell for him as soon as she saw him. She shook hands with the entire family except Tom, who also got a big hug. Natalie could sense that he was warm and was attracted to her as he hugged her back for a long while. She said her goodbyes and as Tom walked her to the door, Natalie whispered that she wanted to meet him later in the local park and hang out with him. He agreed and they set a time.

Natalie ran back to her house excited. She chose clothes and put on make-up that made her look beautiful. She then went to the park and saw Tom, who was waiting on the swings. She approached him and he looked nervous. She said that there was nothing to be nervous about and she asked him whether he ever had a girlfriend before. He said that he hadn’t but he would like one. Natalie put her hand on his knee as he was on the swing and began gently stroking it. She was as eager as he was and she quickly became aroused from this movement.

They began kissing and Natalie became highly aroused. She said that she wanted to meet Tom that night and he suggested that she sneak over to his house when his parents went to bed. Later that night she went to Tom’s house, where he was waiting nervously with some soothing music playing. They quickly began kissing and were removing each other’s clothes in no time. Tom began kissing Natalie’s body with nervous little pecks. She stopped Tom and pulled him to her on the bed. They quickly began making hot passionate love with each other, which didn’t last too long at first. Tom was extremely embarrassed until Natalie explained that it happens to all men, and began showing him the art of making love to a woman. Natalie knew that she had met a boy that she wanted to spend time with and was highly aroused by his eagerness. Natalie knew she had found her willing student, and she had much to teach him.

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